Axian and Fondation H, SPONSORS OF the “Madagascar: Art de la Grande Ile” exHIBITION

Axian was born 150 years ago in Madagascar, and is now leader in four economically crucial sectors: real-estate, energy, telecommunication and financial services. Established in the Indian Ocean and in Africa, Axian imagines an innovative growth model, based on cooperation and shared expertise between southern countries while responding to international standards.

With more than 800 million dollars invested over the last ten years and more than 3500 employees in the Indian Ocean and Africa, Axian operates accountably both as an employer and a business partners. Axian’s priority is to ensure the positive and sustainable impacts of its activities at a local scale. 

Originally from Madagascar, Axian is fully engaged in promoting local cultural heritage. Axian is proud of its origins, and seeks to be a leading actor in the Malagasy cultural life by improving its reach and influence throughout the world.

Mr. Hassanein Hiridjee, CEO of Axian group and owner of Fondation H, founded in 2017, his own contemporary art foundation. Mr. Hiridjee had been supporting talented and promising local artists for a few years. His Philanthropy program is now lead by Fondation H. 

For both Axian and Fondation H, being benefactors of the “Madagascar: Arts de la Grande Ile” exhibition, is a unique opportunity: promoting Madagascar’s cultural heritage to the French and European public through a dedicated exhibition.